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Ozzie takes the mound

Ozzie Guillen brought out the grounds crew to repair the plate on the mound in the 5th inning. Shortly thereafter, my battery died 😦


Dougie takes the bat

Doug Mienkiewicz takes the plate. He would fly out but get a hit later in the game. He made a brilliant play on a one-hopper in a bases loaded situation but he lost focus for a moment and all the runners advanced. I felt bad for Doug and was happy for him when the Royals eked out the win.

Jim Thome is HUGE

Seriously, if a MACK Truck were a baseball player, he’d be Jim Thome. Thome was really cool to the crowd, just an all-around nice guy.

He nailed a beautiful ball that just fell short of being a home run (thank god!) in the eighth inning. The guy next to me was taunting him to “Go back to Cleveland!”

After seeing that near fatal shot I told him, “It’s a good thing you didn’t tell him to go back to the Phillies…”

Scott Podsednik

Continuing my (unwise) practice of taking pictures of guys with the hardest to spell names is Scott Podsednik. Others will wisely disagree with this, but I thought the Carlos Lee for Podsednik trade was the turning point in the Sox trajectory.

Besides being the rare trade where both teams benefitted from it, acquiring Pods and sending away a power hitter displayed in highliter pink ink: “we are a small ball team now”.

A bold move that all trades will be judged by.