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What are they thinking????

Justin Huber hit .301/.427/.603 in AAA-Omaha in 27 games prior to being pulled up to the bigs nearly two weeks ago.

Surely the Royals, already 14 games back of the pennant, would be wise to put Huber in to get his cuts. Surely the Royals would know that the worst thing they could possibly do to Huber is to let him rot on the bench.

So in the dozen or so games since Huber got called up, how many plate appearances (not games) do you think Huber has? 15? 20? Nope, not even close. Try: 3.



Teahen sent down

Well it’s now official: Royals third basemen Mark Teahen was sent down to Omaha. Despite Mark’s occasionaly flashes of brilliance–both behind the plate and on the field–is only batting .195 and is lead32849_270ing the team in strikeouts at 23;  only three strikeouts away from tying the lead in AL third basemen.

I guess the prevailing notion about this is to label Teahen with the bust tag.  I say not so fast. Teahen breezed through AAA ball playing a scant handful of games (81 plate appearances for Sacremento before being dealt to KC as the centerpiece of the Beltran deal; he had 273 plate appearances for AAA Omaha).

In fact, the only place where he was able to make a significant offensive contribution was in Omaha.

GM Baird had this to say:

“He needs to gain some confidence back,” Baird said. “He needs to go
back to playing to his strengths — staying short to the ball and using
the big part of the ballpark.”

To be fair, a terrific long ball hitter, Teahen will never be. Hopefully Mark can work on his stance and his focus, get some good contact and make it back up to the bigs a better man for the experience.

The Destruction of your childhood icons

When I was a kid, Star Wars and Michael Jackson were dope. I don’t think anyone needs to be reminded of Wacko Jacko’s many offenses, but look at the Star Wars rap sheet:

1. The Death Star, the greatest killing machine of all time yadda yadda yadda, destroyed because of heat vent.
2. The Force, actually blood organisms. What??
3. Anakin Skywalker, not really that much of a hero after all. In fact, he was real ***** even before he donned the black robe and the Barry White voicebox

The list goes on
1078. Chewbacca, apparently fallen on hard times, has gone to the land of lattes and heroin to be a mascot for the Supersonics.

Trying times indeed, folks.

On the Mark

Okay, cheezy title, I’ll admit but, don’t look now because Mark Teahen is on a tear. Leading up to the weekend, Teahen was struggling to get contact and was striking out several times a game. On Friday, he led all AL third basemen in strike outs.

Since Friday, Mark has battled .375 (through the Tuesday night game against the ChiSox) with only one K.

All of this has not taken away from his outstanding D. Did anyone catch his outstanding dp last night?

Well done, Mark.

Welcome Back Jeremy, All is Forgiven!

Jeremy Affeldt looked GREAT tonight. He was throwing a no-hitter through 4 2/3 innings until an unfortunate Angel Berrroa (credited) error expanded the inning. Still, though the floodgates opened, Jeremy did not give up a single earned run. Jeremy, this blogger will happily eat a dish of crow!

I give Buddy a lot of credit. He is giving the boys (and most of them are boys) the opportunities to right their wrongs. Do you think Angel Berroa is ever again going to lazily mozy over to a grounder? Not after tonight!