Pinch me!

I can hardly contain my glee. In fact, I hardly slept a wink last night. We, my friends, may have a genuine, I say bona-fide ("he’s a suitor!") gm candidate to resurrect this woe-be-gone franchise. Hallelujah!

But, this being a David/Dan Glass operation there is a sticking point and-oh what a sticking point it is: Dayton Moore (allegedly) wants written confirmation that he will have no meddling from ownership. As a Royals fan, I can say "Done and done!" faster than Runelvys Hernandez can say "Supersize me!"

But therein lies the problem: It’s not my decision to make and I imagine its going to be quite hard (albeit absolutely freaking necessary) for the Glasses to that.

Dayton: So I’ll take the job. I’ll just need full control.
David: Oh sure. You bet.
Dayton: Great! I’m on board. But say, can I get that in writing.
David: (pause) Dayton, you know my word is my bond
Dayton: Yeah, that’s great and all but still, I’d like that in writing.
David: Hey! Is that a giraffe over there??

So David and Danny Boy, please, please, please!! I beg of you: don’t screw this up! Give the man whatever he wants and let Kansas City again return to the ranks of a contender. Please let me for once show up at party and not have my wife lead a chorus of laughs when she introduces me as a Royals fan!!



Two Royals streaks were laid to rest last night amid a watery grave.

A hard rain fell but eventually subsided giving the Royals the win. Elarton looked fairly sharp (we’re speaking relative to Royals pitchers here) but he still will be without getting the W on his baseball card. Can a teams ace go through an entire season without getting a win??? I guess we shall see.

Props to Derek Jeter on his 2,000 hit. You’ve done it with charm and guile and you are true class act. That said, it was a close call. Elarton should have had that ball. For the ball to coast so far over Dougie’s head I would have thought for sure it would be an error.

But I guess thats all the Royals need: another error. We’ll gladly take the hit 🙂

History on the line as Royals begin 10-game road trip

The Royals will break history if they go winless on their 10-game road trip. Recent history (aka the


Royals having only won two games out of the K this year) suggests history will be within it’s grasp. Prepare to pop the corks, Baltimore!!

So far the Royals have blown a 3-0 lead to go behind 4-3 to the Yanks. Elarton is pitching so it was only a matter of time before things went south.

Grandma Always Said..

… ‘If you can’t say anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.’ Hence my absence.

Oh and MLB.TV’s mosaic is AWESOME. Not trying to sound like a tool, but if you were looking to kill some time, look no further.

Despite being spotted a six-run lead (including three first-inning homers–EVEN ONE BY DOUG MIENTKIEWICZ!!!) the Royals have lost their 13th consecutive game. It is the second longest losing streak in Royals history. The longest? That was last year.

The Royals are currently slated for a 122-loss season which would break the 20th Century watershed mark of futility: the 1962 EXPANSION New York Mets. (As bad as the Royals could possibly get, it wold require a great summation of effort to top the 1899 Cleveland Spiders who, with 20-134 record, truly hold one of the most untouchable records in all of sports.)

The Royals had never had a single 100-loss season until 2002. Three of the four years saw 100-loss seasons. A 100+ loss 2006 will make for three consecutive 100 loss seasons a (dubious) feat that only one other mlb franchise has ever accomplished.

In the meantime, how ’bout those Burlington Bees?! Buzz, buzz, buzz!

A new low

So I guess I’m the jerk here.

See, when David Glass said he was sick of the way things were going and that changes would be soon and forthcoming I, silly me, thought he meant, oh I don’t know, NOW.

Instead he meant, I’ll wing this and find yet another way to further embarrass and humiliate the few remaining friends of the franchise.

My god, David Glass was the top dog at Wal*Mart for crying out loud!