History on the line as Royals begin 10-game road trip

The Royals will break history if they go winless on their 10-game road trip. Recent history (aka the


Royals having only won two games out of the K this year) suggests history will be within it’s grasp. Prepare to pop the corks, Baltimore!!

So far the Royals have blown a 3-0 lead to go behind 4-3 to the Yanks. Elarton is pitching so it was only a matter of time before things went south.

Grandma Always Said..

… ‘If you can’t say anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.’ Hence my absence.

Oh and MLB.TV’s mosaic is AWESOME. Not trying to sound like a tool, but if you were looking to kill some time, look no further.

Despite being spotted a six-run lead (including three first-inning homers–EVEN ONE BY DOUG MIENTKIEWICZ!!!) the Royals have lost their 13th consecutive game. It is the second longest losing streak in Royals history. The longest? That was last year.

The Royals are currently slated for a 122-loss season which would break the 20th Century watershed mark of futility: the 1962 EXPANSION New York Mets. (As bad as the Royals could possibly get, it wold require a great summation of effort to top the 1899 Cleveland Spiders who, with 20-134 record, truly hold one of the most untouchable records in all of sports.)

The Royals had never had a single 100-loss season until 2002. Three of the four years saw 100-loss seasons. A 100+ loss 2006 will make for three consecutive 100 loss seasons a (dubious) feat that only one other mlb franchise has ever accomplished.

In the meantime, how ’bout those Burlington Bees?! Buzz, buzz, buzz!

A new low

So I guess I’m the jerk here.

See, when David Glass said he was sick of the way things were going and that changes would be soon and forthcoming I, silly me, thought he meant, oh I don’t know, NOW.

Instead he meant, I’ll wing this and find yet another way to further embarrass and humiliate the few remaining friends of the franchise.

My god, David Glass was the top dog at Wal*Mart for crying out loud!

Rob and Rany Weigh in

The Royals are not just 10-25,owners of the worst record in baseball as I write this. After losing 100 games in each of the last
two years, they have still found a way to play an entire game in which every
single player who made an appearance was 28 or older, and therefore
(statistically speaking) on the downslope of his career.


This is a truly historic


Okay, they slipped up at the
end. With two outs in the ninth, down by
10 runs, Buddy Bell finally found an opportunity to give 23-year-old Justin
Huber an at-bat. Wouldn’t want to put
the kid under any pressure now.


Just burn this franchise down

Rob N’ Rany are back to wallow into the bastion of idiocity that appears to be Royals management. (Harsh, I know but when you say you are fed up then you sit back and do nothing, it only makes matters worse.)

Rob, knowner of all that is knowable, had this strategic gem:

Last year in the
International League, Chris Booker threw 65 innings and gave up two home runs.
Yesterday in the American League, Booker — making his Royals debut — threw one
inning and gave up three home runs.

What are they thinking????

Justin Huber hit .301/.427/.603 in AAA-Omaha in 27 games prior to being pulled up to the bigs nearly two weeks ago.

Surely the Royals, already 14 games back of the pennant, would be wise to put Huber in to get his cuts. Surely the Royals would know that the worst thing they could possibly do to Huber is to let him rot on the bench.

So in the dozen or so games since Huber got called up, how many plate appearances (not games) do you think Huber has? 15? 20? Nope, not even close. Try: 3.



Taking a little time to pour over the past week of Royals highs, lows and unbearable and I came across this gem from the KC Star:

The Royals entered Thursday’s game against the Twins ranked last in theAmerican League in hits, runs, homers, total bases, slugging percentage
and on-base percentage

The Royals have become a perfect storm of incompetence, frugality and
denial. They can’t identify good young players and can’t develop the
ones they find. They don’t spend enough money to keep the rare good
player they do develop but make up for it by throwing too much money on
free agents who won’t make a bit of difference in the long run.

And they are utterly, blissfully unaware of the fact that they are doing anything wrong.

It doesn’t look too good these days does it? Justin Huber is expecting to make some plate appearances today against the ChiSox, but I haven’t been able to confirm this. I was hoping to see Huber play in the WBC but he missed it because of an injury; I don’t know how much I would have seen of him anyways considering he played for Australia.

But not to overstate the obvious: it will do nothing to Huber’s development to keep him on the bench.

Teahen sent down

Well it’s now official: Royals third basemen Mark Teahen was sent down to Omaha. Despite Mark’s occasionaly flashes of brilliance–both behind the plate and on the field–is only batting .195 and is lead32849_270ing the team in strikeouts at 23;  only three strikeouts away from tying the lead in AL third basemen.

I guess the prevailing notion about this is to label Teahen with the bust tag.  I say not so fast. Teahen breezed through AAA ball playing a scant handful of games (81 plate appearances for Sacremento before being dealt to KC as the centerpiece of the Beltran deal; he had 273 plate appearances for AAA Omaha).

In fact, the only place where he was able to make a significant offensive contribution was in Omaha.

GM Baird had this to say:

“He needs to gain some confidence back,” Baird said. “He needs to go
back to playing to his strengths — staying short to the ball and using
the big part of the ballpark.”

To be fair, a terrific long ball hitter, Teahen will never be. Hopefully Mark can work on his stance and his focus, get some good contact and make it back up to the bigs a better man for the experience.