Dayton Checks In

Dayton Moore is now officially punching timecards for the Kansas City Royals. Today will liklely be the day Moore selects his letter (Will he use the KC? The Royals logo? Sluggrrr???) and finds out which bathrooms best suit his needs when nature calls.

Sadly, Moore arrives at the end of an arch-typical Royals loss; Despite rookie Bobby Keppel pitching 9 brilliant innings, the bullpen folded like a cheap suit. A 2-0 lead led to a 2-2 tie to 4-2 loss in 1/3 of an inning.

I was going to lead in with a seperate blog entry about a great win showing promise for the administration but that just was not the case. It’s too bad that the Royals seem incapable of making good on the few save opportunities that they have.

Hey, maybe Danny Kolb is still available!


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