The Royal Onion

Definitely the funniest thing I have read all season: The Onion reports that the Royals have hired Tom Emanski ("winner of back to back to back AAU titles!") to teach the team fundamentaEmanski_tomls.

"The first thing I did after Sunday’s game was gather the players andask all 25 of them what each one thinks is the most important part of
baseball, and an astounding Emanski_mcgriff
21 of them said ‘hitting home runs,’
including seven pitchers," said Emanski, who stressed to them that
"defense wins ballgames." "The second thing I did was line them up
against the fence and hit sharp line drives at them from 20 feet away
to improve their reaction time."





    That is so hilarious! It’s so funny that they keep playing those old commercials. Like, McGriff doesn’t even play anymore. Nice to see you’re still loyal & taking a humorous outlook. Btw, the “Russ Springer fined negative $50k for hitting Barry” article was pretty funny too!


    lol well i guess it couldnt hurt…the royals need the dynamics of the major league swing right about now

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