100_0771The Royals win prompted the impromptu headshaving pictures you see here. The Royals came out strong and, playing an explosive offense such as the Tribe, the Royals were wise to put on some insurance runs.

But, oh man, thank god that is over! There comes a point where even an Optimist has to notice the rising waters.

In other news, Mientkie
wicz & the BoSox have come to terms on the off-dispited Game 4 ball. Finally! That is so 2004. Maybe with that ugly situation behind them can explain Dougie Baseball’s recent surge (.375 BA / .750 SLG) . Eh, probably not.

Affeldt has given a very strong performance today giving up only 1 run. I can’t decide which is more significant but Affy only walked TWO and fanned SIX through 5 1/3 strong innings.  These might just season best for any Royals starter. I will have to check.

Entering the bottom of the eight, hang on Royals!!


One comment

  1. monty1171@yahoo.com


    Hope they trim your back hair too. LOL. Was just looking at the ace of the pitching which would explain their current pitching woes.

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