Youth Being Served

Our bottom of the order is getting it done. Both John Buck (1.09 OPS) and Angel Berrora (1.11 OPS) are getting on base and getting hits and are not showing the mistakes that hindered them on both sides of the plate.

I fully expect to see Teahen join the list shortly.



  1. Mollie

    I really like John Buck. I watched him through his last Triple A season down in New Orleans as a Zephyr with the Houston affiliate. At that level he was a force to be reckoned with, playing tough behind the plate with a strong arm and always threatening to take one deep when he came up to bat. Plus, I liked his size. I like that he commands his space back there and is an absolute wall to run into as plays develop at the plate. I think he’s still young in a lot of respects and will blossom in the next year or so. Back when we Cardinals were trying to find a transition from Mike Matheny to Yadier Molina I campaigned for the acquisition of Buck. As far as character goes, I really think he is Cardinals material– which to me and my ilk is true compliment. And, since we can’t have him, I’m glad he’s out of the Astro organization (so we don’t have to watch him blossom for an opposing NLC team) and that he landed with a well-meaning mid-western team like the Royals. I hope he becomes a contributing factor for KC’s “rebuilding” era. Good luck and take good care J.B.

  2. Michael

    Welcome, when I started my blog they told me I was the only Royals fan. Glad to see that is no longer true. Great win tonight! Let’s hope we get rolling.


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