“That was the craziest game I have ever seen.”

After the Rangers posted an 11-4 lead in the top of the 4th, I thought to myself, ‘Hoo boy, here we go again.’ But, in a stunning turn of events, the Royals mounted a comeback and won with a very football-esque 16-12 victory.

According to SportsCenter, DeJesus was the star of the show, but you cannot deny that Mark Teahen is tearing it up right now.

Just check his June numbers: 8/20 (.400), 6 RBIs a double, a homer and (drum roll) only 6 strikeouts.

Dayton Checks In

Dayton Moore is now officially punching timecards for the Kansas City Royals. Today will liklely be the day Moore selects his letter (Will he use the KC? The Royals logo? Sluggrrr???) and finds out which bathrooms best suit his needs when nature calls.

Sadly, Moore arrives at the end of an arch-typical Royals loss; Despite rookie Bobby Keppel pitching 9 brilliant innings, the bullpen folded like a cheap suit. A 2-0 lead led to a 2-2 tie to 4-2 loss in 1/3 of an inning.

I was going to lead in with a seperate blog entry about a great win showing promise for the administration but that just was not the case. It’s too bad that the Royals seem incapable of making good on the few save opportunities that they have.

Hey, maybe Danny Kolb is still available!

Can We Sign Him?

I love the pick, excellent job Royals brass. A Zack Greinke/Luke Hochevar rotation with the projected bats of Gordon and Butler (not to mention the hiring of Dayton Moore) gives me a great sense of pride in the organization.

I listened to Hochevar’s interview. His answers sounded as polished as his slider. That was until you got to the questions regarding his salary dispute with the Dodgers. Now, if all he wants is typical first round, first pick numbers, I’m sure something can be reached. But, with Scott Boras as his agent, I am leery that we might be burned like the Dodgers were. Twice.


So the Royals, having the first pick, will pick an all-star, right. Not exactly.

This awesome piece from the Rubber Arm sums it up like this: in the last 15 years only two players drafted number one are remotely close to being hall of famers: Chipper Jones, and A-Rod.

That’s the thing about the mlb draft; it’s a real crapshoot people.

Good luck tomorrow Royals.
(PS–take Hochevar!!!!!!!)

Pitching the draft

Picking a pitching prospect is no sure bet. Yet that’s exactly what the Royals plan to do with the first pick of the draft. Rumor is that Ballard liked consensus No. 1 pick Andrew Miller from North Carolina, but that the staff demurred in favor of Houston’s Brad Lincoln.  Another possibility would be Luke Hockevar which is surprising as his agent (the (in)famous Scott Borras) in well known for getting top dollar for his clients. The Royals are not known as the sort of franchise that pays top dollar for anything.

At any rate, Poz talks about the diemma the Royals face. It looks like he’s not the only one losing hair thanks to the Royals

The Royal Onion

Definitely the funniest thing I have read all season: The Onion reports that the Royals have hired Tom Emanski ("winner of back to back to back AAU titles!") to teach the team fundamentaEmanski_tomls.

"The first thing I did after Sunday’s game was gather the players andask all 25 of them what each one thinks is the most important part of
baseball, and an astounding Emanski_mcgriff
21 of them said ‘hitting home runs,’
including seven pitchers," said Emanski, who stressed to them that
"defense wins ballgames." "The second thing I did was line them up
against the fence and hit sharp line drives at them from 20 feet away
to improve their reaction time."